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* Usable for all Mimaki printers
* Suitable for roll-to-roll and rigid materials
* Developed for LED lamps
* Good media adhesion

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Mimaki SS21 Solution
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Diamond D10-GF-MS21
* Superior abrasion and chemical resistance
* Excellent media compatibility
* Excellent outdoor durability

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UV LED Hybrid ink for printers with EPSON® print heads

Designed for rigid and roll to roll applications
Optimised for LED UV lamps
Excellent media adhesion

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Super Ink for Super Wide
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Low smell
Excellent outdoor durability
Superior abrasion and chemical resistance

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Every drop of ink is a true gem

Our digital printing inks are like precious jewels to us. We have crafted them with the utmost care to give you the most vivid and brilliant colors for your projects. Our inks are designed to stand the test of time, so you can be sure that your prints will look stunning for years to come. We use only the finest ingredients and the most advanced technology to guarantee that our inks are of the highest caliber. Our inks are also eco-friendly, so you can feel good about using them.


NUtec’s range of eco-solvent digital inks offers low smell, superior abrasion and chemical resistance, while providing excellent media compatibility across a broad range of self-adhesive and flexible substrates.


NUtec’s range of mild solvent ink is cost-effective and robust offering good reliability with excellent media compatibility across a broad range of self-adhesive and flexible substrates.


NUtec’s Ruby, Amethyst and Quartz ranges of UV-curable digital inks are designed for either roll-to-roll, hybrid or rigid printer applications with either Mercury or LED curing systems.


The Aquamarine range of water-based digital inks are designed for dye sublimation transfer applications onto polyester-based substrates including textiles, garments, flags and banners.

Why professionals choose NUtec ink?

NUtec digital printing inks offer superior quality, wider color gamut and finish options, and significant cost savings compared to many OEM products.

Print Quality

NUtec, as an OEM manufacturer, employs the latest high-end production processes to guarantee that production and quality control meet the highest standards.

Ink Variety

NUtec inks come in a variety of colors and formulations, so you can find the perfect ink for your printing needs.

Ink Compatibility

NUtec inks are designed to be compatible with a wide range of large format digital printers, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

Environmentally Friendly

NUtec inks are often made with eco-friendly ingredients, so you can feel good about using them.

Cost Savings

NUtec’s large format digital printing ink is typically less expensive than OEM inks, allowing you to save money on your printing costs.

Environment Friendly Products

Mild solvent inks without Cyclohexanone offer a variety of advantages, including being less harmful for the environment and human beings, having a very short drying time for high productivity, an excellent price/value, and a high resistance against scratching. Water based textile inks also have many advantages, such as no smell, not being hazardous, and not being subject to identification regulations.


Digital printing inks are now available without the use of harmful Cyclohexanone, making them a safer and more environmentally friendly option for printing.

Environment Responsible (ERP)

The Emerald ink range consists of Environment Responsible Product (ERP) inks offering a greener solution for the environment, as they contain no hazardous air pollutants and are safer for the operator environment.


The UV-curable inks are free from N-vinyl caprolactam (NVC), produce low odor, and comply to the latest regulatory standards.

Meet NUtec Digital

NUtec Digital Ink has a global reputation as an innovative partner in the graphic arts, textile and industrial inkjet printing markets. Backed by a highly specialised research and development team and state of the art facilities.