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SIGNTRADE further focuses on environment responsible products. All new solvent inks from Signtrade are developed without harmful and aggressive solvents like Cyclohexanone, but still fulfil the highest standards for production requirements. In addition we offer water based inks and Bio Dome, which are also not harmful for the environment.

At FESPA 2011 SIGNTRADE will present the new inks from Nutec in South Africa. Nutec has developed only new inks without Cyclohexanone. As an exhibition highlight we will present the innovative Nutec Emerald E12 ink, which is a TRUeco product. TRUeco means that this ink only contains non hazardous air polluting substances (Non-HAPS). This ink has almost no smell and can be used in office environments.

SIGNTRADE also presents a new textile ink, called Hydrotex DP, which is optimized for direct printing. This ink is specifically developed to avoid migration of the ink after printing. The inks will be presented at the FESPA show on the printer Subli-TEX WP-1600 F, which is a JV-33 based textile printer from Outdoor.

2 years ago SIGNTRADE presented the new single component UV-curable Bio Dome material and several manual production systems. The Doming resin is meeting future EU environmental laws (REACH) and requires no mixing. This is reducing waste drastically and simplifies production. The UV curing only takes minutes. At FESPA 2011 we are presenting a new robot for automated production and up to 6500 pcs/h.