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NUsolutions for HP-FB printers


We have developed a similar adaptor for the HP-FB printers as shown in the above video.  In addition we have included the special in line filters required for these printers as part of our package.  We have a very successful local site running on our MPX inks and are about to expand this internationally.

NUtec Digital inks Video



NUsolutions for Durst printers


Video showing how we have developed a special adaptor plate with a unique adaptor cap to allow easy filling of any Durst UV printer.  These adaptors are supplied once off and are reused by the customer without the need to have to purchase special bag in a box ink configurations.  The adaptor caps fit all our 1L, 3L and 5L bottle necks (64mm) and the customer can merely choose which NUtec ink type they wish to use without any further restrictions.

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