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About us


The SIGNTRADE GmbH was founded in March 2004 in Canton Zug in Switzerland. Signtrade distributes printers and inks to more than 60 authorized dealers worldwide. Signtrade’s know-how is based on more than ten years experience. New printers and inks are tested constantly in Switzerland. The minimum validation time is 6 month to fulfill highest production requirements. Today SIGNTRADE is a master distributor of NUTec Digital Ink and offers ink under the SIGNTRADE brand. Since 2004 digital printers are offered under the name SIGNRACER.

Early 2003, even before SIGNTRADE was founded, a development project was started with TechINK for a new high resolution ink.  As a result of the close co-operation the Platinum ink was introduced 2004 to the market and Signtrade became the master distributor of TechINK. SIGNTRADE follows the philosophy and commitment to environmentally friendlier products and introduced several new inks to the market. At the FESPA 2008 in Geneva the new SIGNRACER 161+ was presented with the new environmentally friendly ink Oxygenium. This was the first Non-Haps ink (without hazardous air pollutants) in the digital printing market. In 2009 SIGNTRADE started the distribution of Bio Dome, a UV curable 1 component resin for doming. It is the only 1 component material in the market and fulfills future environmental laws like REACH.

At FESPA 2010 in Munich SIGNTRADE introduced a new textile system solution. This solution consists of the new waterbased Signracer series, a new water based textile ink and a new transfer paper.

At FESPA 2011 in Hamburg SIGNTRADE presented the new inks from NUTec in South Africa. As an exhibition highlight SIGNTRADE presented the innovative NUtec Emerald E12 ink, which is a TRUeco product. TRUeco means that this ink only contains non-hazardous air polluting substances (Non-HAPS). This ink has almost no smell and can be used in office environments.

At FESPA 2012 in Barcelona SIGNTRADE presented several new products from NUtec like the new Sapphire S20 mild solvent ink for Konica Minolta print heads. One of the major highlights was the presentation of the Amethyst UV-ink from NUtec and the start of the UV business for Signtrade.

At FESPA 2013 in London SIGNTRADE introduced the new Emerald E10 inks, which are ECO solvent inks without any smell. Major high-light was again the UV inks with the new Amethyst A50-UV-MPX inks, which have the best adhesion in the market. The ink was presented on the new Signracer 1610 UV, a flatbed UV printer.

At FESPA 2014 in Munich SIGNTRADE presented the optimized Signracer 1610 LED with the new high performance LED system and the further improved Amethyst A50-UV-MPX-TR inks. Also the new water based pigmented ink Hydroprint were presented on the water based Signracer 137W.

At FESPA 2015 in Cologne SIGNTRADE focused on degassed ink solutions for the new Epson DX-6 and DX-7 print heads. All high resolution inks S10, E10 and E12 are now available in degassed cartridges and degassed 1 litre bags. Degassing improves nozzle stability and allows highest print speeds with best picture quality.

In 2017 SIGNTRADE focussed on new product developments with NUtec. Major highlights were UV-inks and waterbased inks.

In 2018 SIGNTRADE introduced UV-inks for HP-FB, OCE-Arizona and Fuji Aquity with special bulksystems to the market. Also Diamond, an Eco-solent ink was launched.

2019: After the very successful introduction of D10-GF-MS21 Eco-solvent inks for Mimaki in 2018, we also started to sell the D10-ESM inks for Roland and Mutoh printers.  

2020: Nutec developed an ink for  Mimaki UV printers. The New A20-RTR inks, can be used on Mimaki roll-to-roll and flatbed printers.

2022: NUtec developed a new UV LED hybrid ink for printers with EPSON® print heads: Ruby R10-HYB


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